An Introduction
bwd | visual communication is a detail-oriented graphic design firm. We believe your company will obtain greater results because of our ability to provide turn-key services from big picture planning to creative, thoughtinvoked design as your goals dictate. With any project in which we are involved, from an annual report to a web site, our focus is on design. And for us, design is about communication that works to meet your goals in the race to grow your business.

The Our Mission Statement
It is the sole objective of bwd | visual communication to visually communicate the message and purpose of our corporate partners effectively, bringing compelling, convincing and clever design solutions resulting in the growth of business.

Design Process
To understand our design process, imagine if you will, a practice session at a race track. As the racecar travels down the frontstretch and enters turns one and two, our design team is building a relationship with you. Developing relationships is cost and time effective for the client as well as for bwd | visual communication. As the racecar roars down the backstretch and enters turns three and four, Brian Wilson Design has been investigating, researching, and studying as much as possible your business goals and the needs of your clients. Being familiar with those needs and goals, bwd | visual communication becomes a problem-solving partner — ready, responsive and anticipating your needs. Your brand and identity, along with marketing strategies, are all weighed carefully in order to deliver our best to you.

Our design process, simply stated: We prefer to take a practice lap before the race begins.






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